NV2A was founded in 2016 by industry leaders Gilberto Neves, Jesus Vazquez, Agustin Arellano, Jr., and Agustin Arellano. The partnership formed around their shared personal and professional values, and commitment to the community. They have seen the need for higher standards of service, performance, and innovation within their industry.

As a new entity, NV2A has established strategic partnerships and invested in the latest efficiency-generating technologies. Learning from past experience and rethinking how the industry works, NV2A executives have created a company that is lean and highly flexible in its ability to scale and adapt to the needs of each project.

Working with NV2A, clients have access to a local team of experts with extensive national and international experience executing complex construction projects that require diverse capabilities. Thanks to the collective local experience and project expertise of our team members, NV2A offers the most comprehensive construction management services in South Florida.

Proven track record and long history of building and managing successful projects.

  • Expertise
  • Complex construction projects that require diverse capabilities
  • Commercial and industrial construction projects
  • Healthcare and higher education facilities
  • Transportation, rail and water infrastructure projects
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Combined project experience

Strength in numbers

Over the past 25 years, the executives at NV2A have collectively completed more than 400 public projects valued at $7 billion, & more than $2.5 billion worth of private sector work.*

  • Commercial

    Valued at$1.5 billion
  • Healthcare

    Valued at$1 billion
  • Higher

    Valued at$500 million
  • Ports &

    Valued at$3.5 billion
  • Roads &

    Valued at$1.7 billion
  • Water

    Valued at$400 million

*Total estimated value of projects delivered by our executives throughout their careers, prior to co-founding NV2A.

Our Culture

  • A Truly Local Firm

    We measure our success by how we stimulate our local economy, generate work and opportunities, foster diversity, reduce environmental impact, respect people, and fully understand how our actions directly affect our community and our families.

  • Technology-Driven,
    Efficient, and Scalable

    Our directive is to create positive industry change through excellence in service, outstanding performance, technology, efficiency, and entrepreneurship. Our capabilities on a large scale stem from being precisely organized and focusing on our core competencies.

  • Transparent and
    People-Centric Culture

    We take on work that makes us proud.  Our best way to maximize our competitiveness is through trust-based relationships with clients, employees, and partners. Our transparency and working culture is empowered by our clean record and fostering of a positive environment.

Giving back to our community

Were building something good

NV2A is committed to outstanding corporate citizenship. Over the years, the names of all NV2A leaders can be found on boards of directors of YMCA, Miami Light House for the Blind, South Florida Hospital Association Association, Mercy Hospital Foundation, FIU Foundation, FIU Center of Leadership, Arsht Center Trust, Enterprise Florida, Associated Builders and Contractors, as well as supporting the United Way and many other social initiatives.